A passing cloud

I always wondered how a teacher should behave in class. Should she try to impress her students by her way of teaching? Should she interact with them like a friend? Should she care for them like a mother? Should she be strict and compel her students to work hard and love the subject? What should she do? A class always contains more than 30 students, how can a single person make all of them happy with just words and expressions? Is it possible?
Answer for these questions were waiting for me in my first class of Indu mam. I was listening to all the words she poured into the air. I was not only hearing as I usually did but I was listening. The first task she asked us to do was to introduce ourselves to class. For me it was difficult. I was never good at English.
She appeared with a friendly smile. She made the class more interesting with her small chit chat. The best thing about her was that she knew the name of each and every student. (It is always difficult for the teachers to remember the name of all 60 students) I soon found myself looking forward for her period. I used to read some teen novels, but I started reading classic novels to impress her. My language improved.
Each class was different. Each class made me close to her and her subject. I enjoyed attending her class but, only thing she knew was there was a student Soumya. All her class was special to me. Whenever she called my name “Soumya” blood rushed to my ears as if she will kill me. Almost all the time I panicked and answered stupidly. I even made a terrible grammatical error which made me feel like crawling under the desk. All my efforts to impress her became nothing. She didn’t know that I used to fight against my friends who spoke against her.
Soon I found her calling me “Rekha”. I was not able to believe my ears. She forgot my name. My best teacher forgot my name .I would never blame her it is quiet natural for a teacher to forget the name of a student. I was just one among hundred students for her but, for me she was the heroine for a short period.
A teacher becomes special when she makes her student feel that he/she is special. Once the student has that feeling inside then one day they will surely become a glowing star. They will never forget the teacher who made them realize what they are made off even if that teacher will forget. I have heard many teachers say that the students will forget them once they move out of the campus.  But, truth is that teachers get more attached to the smart students. For these smart students all teachers are same they impress each with their smartness, it is a part of their character but, for the quiet students they admire one teacher among twenty. They try to impress her, they work hard for that teacher. In most of the cases the teacher would never know that someone is crazy about her. Life of a quiet, shy, average student is that way, they never express themselves they want the teachers to recognize them but, they never go directly to them.

Same thing happened to me. When I think back I realize that I was not sad about the fact that my favorite teacher forgot my name, I became sad because I realized that I didn’t have a role in her life. I realized the reality. Still I would never allow someone to talk against her in front of me; I may be no one that ‘doesn’t matter’. I moved on with my life-like everyone else. It is almost 3 years, I see her often in school still, I would never dare to go near her and talk.


2 thoughts on “A passing cloud

  1. Have you talked to her yet? Go do then, if not already!
    From your lines, write a poem of ‘what you learnt from her’ and gift it!

  2. Btw, it doesn’t seem to be a fictional stuff, but true emotional content. It is posted in the category ‘Fictional me’. Is it really a fiction? I wonder!

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