Fear of Dancing

this is how bad it was! I am the one wearing red top.

I have always been a bad dancer and that’s the reason why I never did it in public. It was my first year in college and my seniors said “try everything no matter what”. Well, I shouldn’t have believed their words right away. I should have followed my instincts. Anyways I signed in for a dance competition. My group had 13 dancers (well not dancers). I was not the worst in the lot and convinced myself to do it for the sake of my class. Somehow I managed my practice sessions. I was super excited since I never thought of myself dancing in public that too for a competition.

The day arrived. Our costume was a mess. We all consoled ourselves saying it’s not about prize after all, it is about participation. I moved into the stage. Thanks to the lights I didn’t see the audience. I just heard those whistling away, shouting comments. I cant remember what i did in stage. I believe I didn’t screw it up completely. At least I was not the only one who let down, it was totally a bizarre.

That was not all. I had to make sure no one opened that subject for the next 6 months. There is always a good part of you wanting to try everything in life. There is nothing wrong in trying after all. I will never dance in public again. It was an experience and that’s all that matters. Next time I want to try singing :D. I want to do a mistake I haven’t done before and that’s all I care.


4 thoughts on “Fear of Dancing

  1. This is how my singing experience in school competition was.

    P.S: the movie was taken a long back after our competition.

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