“I don’t know to wear eyeliner”

“I don’t know to use it”  I said this statement and people around me looked as if I did a crime. I am 19 and I don’t ever wear eyeliner. Is it a big deal? I have never tried and what is the big deal. I don’t like painting myself.

I use nail polish, foundation and compact. That’s it my makeup kit is full and fit. I simply cannot stand in front of the mirror for hours and paint myself. I can even manage well without a mirror actually. This is who or how I am. You have any problem with that, I wanted to shout at everyone, in that moment. Instead, I kept quiet and asked someone to paint my eyes, lips. Does the same whenever I feel someone will comment.  Not because I don’t know to answer them. I just don’t want to make a scene. It’s no big deal for me. With or without eyeliner I am just me.

I can’t do it on myself or anyone else. I don’t like it when I have to do it. But, being a girl these things can’t be avoided. When my eyebrows out grow, my friend will shout at me to go and have a threading. I can’t even draw a single straight line. Even if I try it with a tiny brush over my eyes or a pencil over my lip, it’s just not going to happen. If it happens, that is, if I ever succeed in painting myself it will become my longest blog entry.

May be, one good or bad morning, I will realize the need for make up. Until then “BEEP”.


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