Through my specs

I still am not sure if I am wearing the right powered lens. How will I know if I am seeing the world a less precise. I see my world through this and even after checking my power once in every 6 months, I am not sure. May be I am seeing it less clear. Or may be there is a slight color variation when I see through this. I can be easily fooled. I break my specs, I throw it around, I play with it but, its actually something special.

It is the one through which I see the world. It has the strength to filter what I see the way it wants me to see. How I wish for a specs which can filter good from this big bad world. Then I will see only good stuff and I need not ask my mind to shut up when I see something bad. How good it would be if a specs could highlight all the words I want to see from a page. May be even a ctrl+F should do the magic. When I want to find someone, I will just press ctrl+F and ask my specs to locate the person in crowd. Or a ctrl+w, to shut the world out for some time.

Life would have been just better if I could see it in a different way. May be the real specs lies inside me and I am tossing it around out of my habit. May be, there really is a filter inside each one of us. Anyways I would rather have one in front of me than inside me.


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