“Oh mighty mighty seniors,

we are dirty dirty juniors,

we salute you sir”.

I studied in a different college for first 2 months before getting into the Govt. college. In the first college I was the noted one. I was one favorite prey for seniors  and this song is the one they made me sing many times. This song came in a movie Happy Days and after that every senior made it a point to hear it from their juniors. I was made to write love letters. Not just a page but 5 pages. They asked me to bark like a dog, made me cook in mid-air, made me climb a  ladder without ladder and made me sit without chair. This was the first introduction to “seniors in college” life.

After that first month I became friends with most of them and they even said sorry and I took it with right spirit. That is when, I got a seat in a Govt. college. Govt. college students don’t have any rules. Everyone warned me before coming to this college. After the initial bitter experience at the first college, I decided to stay out of trouble. I avoided seniors in every possible way. But, no such precautions were needed in this college. We have a political party inside the campus and they make sure no one is ragged. I should say they did a great job. None of my classmates were ever ragged. Govt. colleges are far better than private colleges in this aspect, actually in every aspect. 🙂

this is the poster I made. it was just a 1 hr job. No chance to get selected but got some appreciation.

Due to the initial bad experience with seniors I never befriended one in the new college. Yesterday, I made a poster for college fest and posted it in my college group in FB. And now, I am also a senior. I want to rag at least one person, not in a bad way of course. I may most probably ask their permission before doing that. 😛

By the way hows ma poster?


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