Think before think

Life is full of mysteries and surprises! Anything can happen. Someone can turn up from the crowd and become a close friend. Someone whom you thought will be walking close by to catch you whenever you fall can disappear in the midst. Do you like books with a big suspense along the end? I hate them. I want myself to be prepared. I don’t want to face a dead end or hairpin bend.

The roads keep on twisting and it is kind of weird when you look from distance but, once you are in the path nothing can go wrong. Everything is just right and everything is so good that I start believing that the path’s end is ought to be good. At some point I will have to pinch myself, asking my lazy mind to wake up. To make it realize that path can be beautiful, but the destiny is just not what I want it to be.

That is when the famous quotes of Robert Frost comes into my mind

“Woods are lovely dark and deep,

But I have miles to go before I sleep”

At some point, I will have to take the road less traveled or the road not yet discovered. At some point, my needs should take priority over my wants. The point makes all the difference. Thought at that point can make me best or worst. Thoughts are all that matters and I can’t relearn it. It has got to flow along. The thought is my path and destiny.  How weird it sounds to think about what I want to think. But, that’s what I think most of the time.


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