Life as it comes

My friend asked me “so wats ur plan?”. I was confused. I said “will go home after lunch, finish off my assignment and go to sleep”. She smiled and said “I meant long-term”.

Then I thought so whats my plan? Do i have one? Just to finish off that conversation with her I said “will do masters”. Then she asked “on what”. I somehow managed to change the topic but after that moment, this question started stirring in my mind. Looks like everyone knows what they are doing other than me.! :-/


1. Always thought about myself as someone who can motivate others. When I was very young I wanted to become a teacher.

2. I love reading. English literature is my savior when I want to ignore the world. Is it just a hobby? I doubt.

3. Psychology! Amazing subject. Know very less about this subject. Knowledge from few general books thats all  I have. I want to know more about that subject.

4. Software sector. Being a technical student I love software. It’s a subject I learn because I know I am good at it and can survive but, I never thought of it as a passion. It was just an easy path to get settled.

 I would love to plan life this way. 

“I want to take a year off and figure out what I want to do with life. I want to travel, read and experience things I haven’t seen yet in that one year. One year is what I ask for me. All I have been doing was going to school, college in this entire life. At least, next time I want to make sure that I do something I want to do rather than what I need to do or what others expect me to do. Since I have no idea about my wants, I will wait for that “sign” which always pops up when you need it. “

But, you want to know where my plans shatter! Right in the first sentence. I just can’t take a year off. In short I have no plans. 😦 I will just take life as it comes. The “sign” will pop anyway, just that I will have to watch out for it always. Until then I will just do something. :/


4 thoughts on “Life as it comes

  1. Join the club! Ever since my first day at college I’ve been asked this dreaded question hundreds of times.. I still haven’t figured out the answer 🙂 Being an Engineering student people expect me to be a cow in the herd and get myself place in a software job 🙂

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