Study holidays are the most dragging and irritating holidays. There is so much to do and yet all I want to do is smell the coffee and check my facebook updates. I read two books in two weeks. For the first time in my life my message balance is zero. All I do is press the keys, either keys of my mobile or keys of calculator. Only difference is that one helps in solving a problem and one may create one(back papers). I wonder which is the right key to the better me. Life is split up between calculator and mobile. I badly want to throw all the books in trash and run. Its worse than a crash course. I wish I could learn the same in 8 years which is the double time period and may be the whole thing will make sense if I put twice the time on the course. But, that will make me unfit for a professional course.

I sleep from 3 to 7 both am and pm. My body is almost confused between day and night. I hardly get out of my room, so can’t blame my body. Am I studying in the rest of the time? I am not insane to study that long :P. If I study for an hour then I will do all the least important stuff for the next two hours (like writing this). That is if I am awake for 16 hours and I study less than 4 hours. That is not equal to the time I spend with books. I may sit looking at the font of the book for hours. Gawd! Feels like I got into hell for a month. Exam ends on June 1st and on June 2nd I will wake up wondering, What to do?! Now, June seems ages away. :/

By the way, nature is as confused as I am. Its raining almost everyday and this is supposed to be summer. But, I am not complaining. Rain is as beautiful as ever. 🙂


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