What is happiness for you?

Happiness is one word which you can define the way you want to. A week back happiness for me meant a good exam or a fine result. A year back happiness meant ending up in a good college. A 10 years back I cant remember what it meant!

My cousin abroad said for him happiness right now is a good Indian meal. If I ask my sister she will probably say happiness is rain, because its super hot where she lives.

Today, what is happiness for me?

I don’t know. I am not sure. I wish happiness had one meaning, then it should be easier, to set my priorities. I may not even remember what made me happy today, after a month. In short happiness is one complex word yet to be defined in my dictionary. I want to find one permanent meaning which is true always, no matter what change around me.

If I go philosophical over it. I know happiness lie inside me and I can find it in any situation. Of course, I can find it in any situation. But, that doesn’t make me acceptable in the society or help me to achieve one last goal destined for me. Whats the point in having happiness if it is not acceptable.

Wake up!

So what I am trying to be is happy. No matter what I choose or do, I want to be happy when I close my eyes by the end of the day. That is happiness I believe. Definition may change tomorrow. 😉  


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