I belong to a family of vegetarians. For generations my family has been vegetarians and since I belong ‘here’, I am expected to be one. Well, I am a rebellion in every way and would have never bothered about tasting meat if I wanted to. Unfortunately or fortunately I never felt like tasting meat. It just doesn’t look “yummy” to me.

For me chicken smells like channa curry which was cooked two days back. I never felt disgusted about having food with chicken in the same table or even the same plate. Beef, mutton looks just like chicken to me. Never really saw any difference in a chicken curry and beef curry. Only difference is, most of my friends go gaga over beef. 😉 But, fish!! Fish smells… Seriously! 😛 

So am I missing something by not even trying? Never really thought about it. I will grab a piece and taste it, the moment it looks delicious to me. Just the way I started having eggs. Eggs just look delicious and delicate. They are definitely tasty and easy to cook which makes me a big fan of them.

So I am a eggetarian, somewhere between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. May be, someday I will write about my first experience in tasting meat(nightmare for my family and hi-five for friends). 


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