wobbly hand’s owner

I have got a pair of hands which can’t handle things on it own. Every time I take a glass I say to it ‘careful’. Every time I write a word I say ‘be legible’. But, it never listens. Seriously, it’s a four-year old who don’t know what to do and how to do. I borrow a pen and the next moment, I realize that I just broke it! I use only metal or wood accessories because nothing else last for more than a day. They just BREAK. Don’t ask me how, it just happens.

this page is comparatively neat! 😛

When I was in 12th standard(final year in school), seeing my chemistry record my teacher told me that her 8-year-old writes better than me.! That was ‘mean’. But, its true. My handwriting looks wobbly. I can’t draw single straight line with out a ruler. With a ruler the line is always straight but, it will be slightly inclined. In school, I used to make my sister do all the drawing works. A friend used to write all the front pages of my assignments. A good front page means good marks. 😛 I was made to write copy book even in my 8th or 9th standard and nothing happened. I read articles on how to make it look better and seriously I did take trouble to make it look better. Nothing worked, it still looks like some letters which popped on its own, on the paper without a care! Then I thought, maybe I was using the wrong hand. May be my left hand can do a better job than the right and gave my left hand a chance. Left hand shouted back “Impossible”!

Now, I am proud of my handwriting. It’s not legible, not beautiful, won’t even look like English at times~but, its mine! 😀 It definitely suits my attitude 😉

One of those moments I say “thank you” to the technology. Without a keyboard my life would have become hell!


5 thoughts on “wobbly hand’s owner

  1. My teachers too made me to wrote copy book till 9th and had no use. Now i don’t care about others while writing because it is my hand writing.

  2. Ha ha…I had copy books till 10th..I had all my record noted drawn by someone else. When I got low marks in my school. They said it was all coz of my hand writing…


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