Little joys mean a lot doesn’t it? A smile! It takes nothing and yet something to bring it on someones face. How many of us know to bring it on? Definitely each one of us knows well to wipe it off.

Can you do that? I cant! Either i will turn blue or I will make others go yellow.

Someone told me that only man among all the other creatures in the world can “smile”. A smile, how much is it worth it? Well, ask yourself. What will make you smile right now?

I smile all the time. I made it a habit to smile whenever someone looks at me. If my smile can bring a smile on someone else’s face it’s definitely worth it. But, my courtesies begin in streets. Even if I am out of my teenage those instincts are still there. I am not the cheerful joke cracking, always smiling figure at home. Here, I am more like someone who opens mouth only when I need something. A selfish teen.

Well, this post is not about my “teen habits”. I will save it up for some other day. This post is about a “smile” I shared. Smile becomes truly special when the person who made you smile is there with you to share it.

I believe that one can smile with all heart only when people around are sharing it. And for that, you need to be lucky enough to be with the right people at the right time. When you succeed smiling, let them know how much it means to you! Because those who shared your smile are people who really mean something to you!

Smile :)!


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