7 things girls should do before turning 15

The first 15 years are the most spectacular ones. Do you know what makes these years special? Your mistakes are forgotten and forgiven in these years. Once you are out of it you belong to a different era. These are the 7 things you should do before you turn 15 according to me.

1. Learn at least one balancing sport like cycling or swimming or scatting.

These will become your savior in later life. Get it in your bones before you turn 15 and you will have a good feeling about it all through your life. “What a depressing day? I need a cycle” Is how your mind will tackle. 😉

2.Jump off the fence and climb every wall.

Jumping off the fence is not a guy thing! Believe me. You should see a guy’s face when you do that later on. You will miss a lot of things if you can’t jump off a fence. You are not going to do it ever if you didn’t do it before 15 and life without jumping a closed fence is literally “boring”.

3.Play hide n seek, cards, catch games.

Play stupid games. Not in your pc/laptops/ipads/mobile. Get out there and do it the old fashion way and you won’t regret. The feeling of leg pain after one hard catch game is out of the world.

4.Fight with your sibling.

Fights are just unavoidable. Fight hard, regret hard and also make it up the hard way. You will laugh out loud about it later. Tips for fights~ remote, video game, laptop, pc, pillow, bigger half of the chocolate well every thing from rubber band to new mobile.

5. Make omelet, orange juice in mom’s kitchen and feel as if you cracked rocket’s launching equation.

Making omelet successfully for the first time is not just a joke, ok? I still can’t do it properly. But I can make scrabble eggs anytime. They taste the same na! 😉

6.Go with your dad for a haircut.

Now this should freak you out. This should be done before 10. You won’t see the men’s side of beauty parlor ever in life so why should you miss it when you have an option. Memories with dad are always cherished more(girl thing I guess).

7.Try all these at least once.

Painting, Gardening, Singing, Dancing, Drumming, Guitar/veena (string instrument), Making dolls/masks, Photography, Read a book, Act in a drama, Say a speech in public.

One of these may become your passion in life. You may be exceptionally good in one. But, if you are not good then be happy that you are doing it before 15, because the world is not the same after 15. You wouldn’t want to get out in the stage and try singing at the age of 30 and hear something really harsh. 😛

photo credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rkarthick

When I was 15, only thing which could make my shoulders shrug was missing games and only thing which could make me cry was low marks or dad’s scolding. I miss the innocence in the kids I see now and can’t blame them, blame the technology. Justein Beiber and Taylor Swift are incredible but, they are missing a lot! 😉

So if you are not yet 15, Miss your boy friend but don’t miss doing one of these. Above all, be happy that you are still a teen and make memories to cherish!

If you are above 15 and missing those days like me, do share it.

( If you have a 15 year old at home please don’t advice them. Just make sure that they come across the right books or movies and try spending time with them.)


7 thoughts on “7 things girls should do before turning 15

  1. I agree, kids these days are missing out on so many stuff . When I was in my 12th standard , we all decided to play “lock & key” in school grounds since that being the last year. That was such a liberating feeling except that the leg pain in the evening ruined it .. I have done most of the stuff in the list except for no 6. The saloon was always a “mystery place” . Nice list ! 🙂

  2. How very true.Gone are the days when girls children used to derive pleasure from playing games in the garden, now a days they spend their time in front of digital gadgets.A lpost that took me back to my childhood days.Thanks

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