Do you have the bad habit of “googling” everything you hear about? “Hey, I am not a google” “Google on it, I don’t want to explain”. These sentences rule my world. When was the last day in my life without the awesome “google”.

What would have I done without google? Why is google better than other search engines?  Hey, I am not going to write a review on the book “google” or give you some technical talk on search engines. You can google it if you want to.

The first thing I do when I feel like doing something is google on it, instead of asking my friends about it. If I tell my mom “I am bored”, she will probably say “cant you see how messy your room is”. Instead I google, “boredom” a million options pop up from playing chess to learning web designing.
The real thought is this: Why do I ask google the questions which I should be asking people around me?

  1. I am just yet another human who adores privacy!

Everyone needs their space. Maybe, I need a lot.

  1. Google won’t ask you any questions back.

This one here is very important. I cannot ask dad on what he thinks about Salman Rushdie on an exam eve. He will ask back “don’t you have exam tomorrow?” End of discussion and I didn’t even get the answer. Dads are lot better than lecturers. If I ask my lecturer about the key features of html5, he will ask back “what are the disadvantages in a basic html?” Panic moment begins even if I know the answer. I get answers for a question in google and that’s what I want.

  1. Google won’t bore me with advice instead it gives me information.

Try asking a friend “Hey, What do you think about girl’s smoking?” Tada, now all of a sudden your friend will wear your mom’s hat and say to you “You shouldn’t be even thinking about it”. ‘Smoking’ is just a metaphor here. 😉

  1. Google will never remind you the issue after years 😛

Wicked friend with a wicked smile says “remember you used to ask me the spelling of “neighbor” before every English exam in school”. Why would I ever want to be reminded on that considering the fact that I still get confused if it is neighbor or neighbour.

  1. Google gives me assurance that “I am not alone”.

So if only I googled instead of asking my wicked friend, I would have found this in a split second and I would have felt better because the link will say to me silently “see there are lots of people in the world who get confused with neighbor and neighbour” and moreover both are correct. 😀

  1. I can close the window and google won’t say “hey, I am not finished. You need to know more on it”!

Yet another dad~me conversation. “Hey, how does an economy actually work?” Now I have triggered the wrong topic. I am stuck for the next 30 mins. “Ok dad, Yes I got it” “hmm”.. Now I am sleepy. “Right”….”Oh ok”. “hey, I have an assignment for tomorrow”. Escape 😛

  1. Speed matters.

Speed, love that word! Even if, I have nothing important to do I am in a hurry. So speed matters 😉

So this is why smart people google. 😀 Do you?


4 thoughts on “Googling!

  1. I agree with all the points.. I remember using this sentence once : “Hey I’m not google .. I can make mistakes” … In fact “a day without google” is one of my greatest fears.. 🙂

  2. Nice post !
    I like “Google won’t ask you any questions back.” the most 🙂
    Google knows everything. So it can solve all our queries. And this is not possible for a person 🙂

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