bad book influence!

There used to be a time in life when my dad used to complain for not reading books :P. He must be missing those days considering the amount I spend on books. 😉 Once I started reading there was no turning back, it just turned out to be a habit more than a hobby. It became a world for me to escape to whenever I wanted to.

I was wondering about all the characters in the last book I read for about 30 solid minutes on my way to college today. As if I don’t have anything sensible to think about in the real world. I didnt even like the book, yet I was thinking about the words, sentences, characters and situations in that ‘not so good’ book. Damn! “Get out of my head” I finally said and plugged the headphones in with some loud music.

I wondered, how many books I will get to read down the road? An average of 4 books a month. That is just 48 a year. Worse, just 2400 by the time I turn 70(ie, if im alive and if i have proper eyesight). 😦 Just 3000 books that’s it? And the last book I read is one among that precious 3000? Why did I even take the pain to finish it! There should be atleast a million books I would have completely adored and I wasted my time reading a book which I dint even enjoy. :/


5 thoughts on “bad book influence!

    1. thanks for your lovely comments 🙂 looks like you read my entire blog over night, even i would nt dare to do that. 😉

      Thanks again. nd on the ‘fictional me’ category.. its just a wrong title i bliv. I stopped categorizing my posts.. (those initial posts were written when i was in school)

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