Power cut every night for thirty minutes is back with splendid summer rain. Am I the only person who celebrate power cut? No electricity for thirty minutes means you can’t do anything you usually do, during those moments. Like every other day, I went to the terrace to lay down and watch stars.

I could hardly see stars since the night was pretty cloudy. I was in my own world wondering about stars, me. Then an amazing thing happened. A firefly came by and sat right on my nose. I tried to stay still but, after a few seconds it just decided to take off. But, those few seconds were enough for me to change the track of thoughts.

A eeeny meeny firefly made my day. I was having a pretty rough day and all of a sudden surprising myself, I smiled. Why the hell was I even watching stars which I couldn’t reach, when there were beautiful fireflies all around me?  Fireflies are just amazing. I badly wanted to catch one a take it to my room, decided against it. Wonder if fireflies get confused between stars and their friends!


8 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Very nice blog and awesome writing skills. I admire the type of articles and the way you have written them. Really “Thought”-provoking.
    One suggestion: add a “like” button and “sharing” option (like reblog, sharing on fb, twitter, etc) that will help you to know what your readers like the most on your blog.

  2. lol! hahah… 😀 I have many experiences with them – whenever I had been to my grandma’s village. I played with more than a few of them 😀

    “…Wonder if fireflies get confused between stars and their friends!” is cool. 🙂 I like it.

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