Grandpa PC

I got this amazing virus called chicken pox into my body. A few boils popped but I don’t complain. With it came a ‘break’ I very much desired. With nothing to do, I fixed the first pc my family owned ( yea! He is still walking). This old guy was bought when I was 7 years old. Every part of him was replaced one after the other over the time period, other than the spring keyboard I am banging On and the speaker which is bouncing with the shock of being awake after such a long time.

This old pal surprises me all the time. I remember the day he came in. He was treated like a newborn. I was not allowed to touch his fragile keys. The technician who came to connect him said a million complicating instructions. He was the first of his kind in my neighborhood and I had all the bragging rights. My hand was always in air whenever a teacher asked “Who all have a computer at home?”.  I remember the good old Sundays when I was allowed to clean him up. I wiped him with a cream which smelled of turpentine with so much care.

I did a lot of sneak peeks, moving mouse, pressing keys, switching him ON and OFF. By the time, I was 10 years old we got an Internet connection. My sister used to warn me, “never click that button which shows 2 computers because phone will become engaged”. I did a ‘peek a boo’ into the world of web through sathyam browser. Created my first email id when I was 11, got into a chat room for the first and last time when I was 12 and from 13 onwards it was all orkut. There was a computer games season when I used to sit in front of him for hours playing age of empires, mythology series. I used to be glued to this place for days, when Harry Potter ebooks got released.

So many memories linked with this old guy. He is the first one I re-formatted. First one I opened up out of curiosity and the first one which smoked up because of me. Current market price for this old guy will be Rs 500. How will any other user know his charm? He shows it only to me! 😉 My good old grandpa pc :).

Its all about the kids born in late 80’s and early 90’s, we all have this one story about our first pc or first mobile.


5 thoughts on “Grandpa PC

  1. You were lucky that you had computer at your early age…Most of the children in our country don’t get this privilege….I got my first computer at college 😦

  2. Ah the desktop computer ! We call the “Antique computer” in my house 🙂 I first got it when I was 8 . So many memories associated with that .. I still remember it’s first “crash”..I was playing an eggs-collecting game when suddenly the screen went all dizzy with so many colours. I thought it was a part of the game , only to realize that some chip melted in the motherboard ..:D

  3. hahaha… first of all (don’t take my laugh wrong) i started laughing – looking at the soft towels on the PC! It reminded me of my mom always use those when anyone in our family falls ill with fever. haha… 😀

    the memories you had with your PC are really good, lovely and can connect to them. We have got a PC home when I was in +2. You have a great family!

    Take care of your health. Chicken Pox in summer is hard to live with. Get well soon. 🙂

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