Interesting Pass’words’

I always set a quote or a sentence which motivates me as a password. I have accessed some of my friend’s password and those were typical passwords. Typical passwords are the kind of stuff with numbers or complicated symbol in between or even worse confusing combination of names of their loved ones. Am I the only person who sets a sentence as password? I seriously wonder.

If there was a way to access all my passwords from the time I created my account, it would say a lot about what I was thinking along that period. Say during exam season, I may end up setting a password like ‘ihateexams’. The sentence won’t be this simple still, this is something close to how my passwords look.

I used to have a number password for mobile that also changed to a quote when I got a querty. While setting a password, a number never comes to my mind. I used to believe that, I never set a number as password because it is hard for me to remember a set of numbers but, that’s not completely true since I know the phone number of most of my close friends. I mostly dial instead of selecting a name from phonebook. So my passwords are sentences because words are more close to heart than numbers.

I believe, password says a lot about personality. I wish, I could go through all the passwords in the world just once, to know what most of the people use as a key to store their most private part of life. It must be interesting. Maybe you are sharing your password with someone else (how weird!) or maybe you are someone’s password (how sweet 😉 ). I hope some site will put out a million passwords, just to show people like me how the world’s most fascinating ‘close to heart’ words look like.

Right now, I am having the longest password of all times and it is


It really is this long and I type it wrong at least once in a day. This means that most of the time I am too lazy to sign in. The lesser the time I spent in my personal accounts the better. I am not going to explore anything much in there ;). So, tip for the day “set long passwords, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in facebook 😛 (only for lazy folks)”.

Never ever tick “remember password” because passwords describes you and you are the only person who needs to remember your ‘close to heart’ word.


4 thoughts on “Interesting Pass’words’

  1. hahaha… 😀 wow!
    only a few times – may be two or three times, I used a sentence as a password, but i did not make it my habit. Now, for my reasons of security, it is going to be a good idea. thanks! thanks! thanks! 🙂

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