same day, last year

I write in my online diary almost everyday. Newspapers have this interesting section called “same day, years back”, I liked that idea so much that I adopted it into my life. I check the ‘same day, last year” every time I sign in for a new entry. I have always been amazed with how different I think about the same thing today. Some days I roll on the floor laughing asking myself “did I really take it so seriously”. Some other days it makes me think “so this is what I wanted a year back and I didn’t even take an effort to get it”.

Every well described entry is about a stranger who owned me in the past. I just realized that, I liked Keith Urban last year, Can you believe it? I mean, I don’t have a single song of his in my playlist now and a year back I thought he is the best. How can I like Keith Urban?! His songs are not my type.

I don’t write long meaningful articles anymore in my diary. I realized that I focus more on the negative thoughts while writing in a diary, misusing the privacy. So I set 3 rules. I should describe three things about the day so that I will remember my past’s better side in future. Memory is after all your perspective of the past, so you can always choose to remember what you want to.

Rule 1. Person who made me happy.

past to present

Rule 2.Incident that made me happy.

Rule 3.Best thought of the day.

I will have to wait for the present to become past to know if these three rules are good enough.

It is always awesome to laugh at ones own memories. The best part is you can’t even share that joke with anyone else because no one will even remember that it happened. “You still remember that?, weird!”  people say. Well, how can I forget the incident which I think and laugh every damn year ;). Moreover, there is nothing wrong in remembering something which will bring a smile on your face!

For example, I am going to remember next year on the same day that, I went into a fitness center and tried to move the handle of the butterfly machine(minimum tension). After trying one handle with both arms and all my strength, it moved a bit and then I realized people were watching me :/! I am not bothered about my hands being not strong enough but, people saw me that is the issue here. 😛


2 thoughts on “same day, last year

  1. Soumya, what a treasure you have in your journal. So much of our days is discarded by our tired brains as time goes by, but you were foresighted enough to keep a record to jog your memory. It is good to be able to go back and see. Sometimes I need a reminder, not of how far I have to go to get where I feel I should be, but reminder of how far I have come. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Good one girl. This post kept me smiling all along. Nice thoughts on past, present and positive nodes.

    Keep it up! 🙂

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