Casual Vacancy! (Only for Rowling fans)

(Only for Rowling fans because others won’t understand 😛 )

A huge JK Rowling fan? Can’t wait to get your hands on new book!? Well, that is how I felt two days back. (Even if I was not as excited as any of the Harry Potter releases.) Anyways, Rowling writing for adults, how will that turn out?

When I read the first page, all I could think was “I missed your way of writing.. wow, my favourite author is back”. I know, I am biased but, it is she who created that impeccable beautiful world of wizards, castles. On Casual Vacancy, book starts and ends with funeral. Slow, sore book with lots of emotions. Since the targeted group is adults  Rowling has went a long way about drugs, married life complications, death, funeral, complexities in the society (,teens who lives behind the doors).

Its all about a small town, where people know each other. Teens lived unethical life and none of the couples were really happy. We literally live across the streets, visit each of the houses, feel for them. We walk around with a drug addict’s daughter, feel for the girl who cuts herself, understands the ‘typical town folks’ and cries for the three year old who drowns. “The light of God shines in every soul”, the letters in the book swirls around to imprint this thought in us.

Rowling, no words to describe her. After letting us live in her beautiful Hogwarts dream all through our childhood and teenage, she literally pulls us all back to the real world. Are you looking for a happy cheerie book? You are going to be disappointed. It is a sad book, with literally no happy families in town. Weird as it sounds, somehow the Rowling has made us all agree to her that ‘All is well’ along the end.

Read it, just expect a bitter drink of reality. Cheers to Rowling once again!


7 thoughts on “Casual Vacancy! (Only for Rowling fans)

  1. I cannot wait to get my hands on Rowling’s new book! I hope it’s every bit as good as I’m expecting it to be – No, it’s okay if it’s closer to reality. 😉
    Thanks for the review, it’s got me wanting to read it even more! 😀

    1. Go for it. 🙂 Its just something you won’t expect from Rowling, at the same it feels fresh. The other side of Rowling a new beginning for her according to me!

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