Trivandrum, the place I call home!

I have never wrote anything about Trivandrum, the only place I have lived. I am a pure trivandramite, who complains aloud about how less the state capital of Kerala has! But, I swear Trivandrum really is one of the city(may be town) which gives you all the comfort you need.

Only place where you can decide to go for a movie at 1.45pm and watch the show at 2.00pm. There are around 10 cinema theaters within a 10 minutes drive. City makes you lazy, you will get everything within a 5km radius from the MG road. When it comes to food, non- vegetarians have a lot of options. You will literally find only one vegetarian curry in most of the restaurants.

For someone who is an outsider, I would ask them to spend as much time as possible in beaches. Beaches get deserted after sunset and you will get the whole shore for yourself if you are lucky. Walk with the waves, climb the cliffs and enjoy the serenity. There are some small waterfalls within 2 hours drive from the city like vazhatol, meenmutty, mankayam. In summer, these wouldn’t be much fun. My favourite beach is Varkala, which is mostly quiet and clean.

beach walks!
One of my favourite picture with my friend.


Everyday site.

I can’t wait to get out of Trivandrum, at the same time I know that I will miss this place and will always want to come back here. Kerala is one beautiful place which is blessed with soothing rain every other month, even when roads overflow, I find myself saying, “wow, rain!”. Once you are actually living here, you learn to enjoy the slow life with rides in the drizzle, weekends without shopping malls, watching sunset from beaches and surprise holidays(beacause of strikes). “Sweet home, tvm!” that says it all! 😉


13 thoughts on “Trivandrum, the place I call home!

  1. Beautiful pictures. Peace and serenity do come thru. it is great to get to know places where I know that I will never be able to go in person. Thank you – and thank you for visiting my page! vera

  2. top 3 are beautiful. One would certainly want to live in such a city where you get everything and still less crowded to make it so. I like Kerala for its beauty!
    I recollect, I came to Trivandrum when I was 12 years old for some tour then! I barely remember what I saw. But, now i like to visit again for the sands on the beaches!!

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