Chicken Chapter

This post is probably going to make my family freak out. (To them, Relax! I didn’t kill anyone. Do me a favor by not letting my grandma know 😉 ). This one is an old post I wrote about me being an eggetarian. 

So here you go, I call it ‘The Chicken Chapter’ of my life. 😛

One fine day, I was sharing my lunch with my friends in college and all of a sudden someone poured beef curry into my plate. I was shocked and reacted as if it is poison. Later, that day I was questioning myself. “Why! Why the hell did I react with an unknown impulse”. That is when I realised even if I didn’t really know, I probably had these reflex reactions planted inside me. I wanted to get rid of exactly those. An aversion towards something I knew nothing about was not really reasonable.

Next day, I called my friend and said “buy me, chicken today”. For me, saying that aloud was like going against everything taught by my family. By then, I really had a desire to try. We went to a restaurant near college ordered a plate of chicken fry (I forgot the actual name of the recipe, it  looked dry). I had one full plate of chicken in front of me and my friend was eyeing as if it was a game of dare.

I actually thought that I may like it when I had it on my plate. I gave it a shot and I could hardly swallow a piece, it was just chewy. It literally had no taste other than the flavor of masala coated outside. Just a raw texture and thats it? I mean vegetables all have their own unique taste and ‘the chicken’ everyone talks so much about has no taste! I tried again and again. Nothing, then I knew I don’t like chicken. Shey!

So to all my friends who told me that “Try once and then you will know”. Blahh! It doesn’t even taste good. Wonder why people like chicken fry so much! At least, my motive was served, I lost the reflex :D. Back to being a vegetarian, as boring as it sounds.



6 thoughts on “Chicken Chapter

  1. Aahh.. This is something I understand very well.
    I was born a TamBrahm, so obviously, meat of any kind was alien to me. At the age of five, at a picnic, I threw a tantrum that I wanted to eat chicken, and my dad (after arguing with me, and scolding me, and denying me for as long as he had the patience to) let me take a huge chunk of chicken onto my plate. I expected to love it, but one bite, and I’m disgusted by the absolute tastelessness of it. I wanted to dump it, but now my father insisted I finish whatever I had on my plate, since wasting food was an absolute no-no. I just couldn’t. I guess I threw away that piece of chicken eventually.
    I’ve acquired the taste now though. I guess I’m a non-vegetarian for good now and have no intentions of turning vegetarian again, though I’m not exactly addicted to meat. I can stay quite happy with veggie meals for as long as I need to. 🙂
    (Oh, and my dad eats chicken as well. He just wanted me to make the decision for myself AFTER I was old enough to understand it’s repercussions. But if my grandmom ever found out, she’s sure to freak out. 😉 )

    1. I am a keralite tambrahm.. On this, meat actually is a complete taboo topic for everyone in my family.. Actually, I had written this post months back and was questioning myself if I should post it, considering the melt down I may have to face :P! Happy that someone actually understood the feeling :)!

      1. Hahaha.. Again, I totally understand the taboo part. The worst is when I go out with friends (or even dad) and eat all sorts of unmentionables- which I find quite yummy now, by the way. But when I come back, I almost always have to field the “So what did you eat…?” from my grandmom. It gets quite tricky to be suitably vague in my answers so as to avoid mentioning meat, or any dishes that are specifically made with meat.. 😐

      2. Oh yea, if my grandma finds out she is probably going to blame my friend 😀 But, I must say she is one great women and has really tried to keep up with the world. Now she is 90+ so, I really don’t want to hurt her feelings 🙂

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