‘Real Questions’

They are two kinds of people who ask ‘the real questions’ in life, ones who share the road of your life and the ones who live along the sides of road. The better you feel while answering the first type, the worse you feel while answering the second. The difference between ones who care and ones who don’t care, the difference between the ones who wants to give a hand and the ones who wants to point their finger.

Well, this is not something I am concerned about. I am concerned about to whom I ask the ‘real questions’ to! Why is it so easy to ask a ‘real question’ to the person we hardly know while we avoid asking the obvious questions to the people who we share our lives with? It is so much easier to ask the person to whom you just talk “Are you happy? / Did you like it? ” when you avoid asking the same to your best friend. Is it because you don’t want to hear the worst or is it because you think you know the answer?

Maybe, we ignore the real questions for so long that we forget how we used to ask or maybe, we reach a point where we know that we don’t have to ask to share! The last person I asked “You look sad today, what happened?” is someone I say Hi-Bye in corridor and I can’t really remember the person who asked me the same last time.

Most who claims to know me only knows the “answers” which used to be. The “questions” itself changed down the road and it’s easy to walk along listening but the hard to walk along asking. It has always been hard for me to ask the right questions. I justify myself saying “What if that is something they don’t want to talk about?”. I love swallowing the ‘real Qs’ and enjoying the side views until I realize that the right moment to ask has just passed. But, it is true that only people who has asked the ‘right questions’ to me has stayed longer on the road, sharing the journey. I just try to find people who seem comfortable saying even if I don’t ask (that doesn’t really work). Just that no one really answers the ‘real questions’ unless you ask them. Maybe, I should just ask more questions, even to myself.


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