Awaiting 2013

As another year begins it is time for me to take a quick check on the last few days (precisely 365) of my life. 2012 was definitely not my year! If I compare my life to a roller coaster ride, I can say that, I had more downs than ups last year. But, the important thing is downs forced me to take control of my life and redefine it.


Three things that drastically changed my life style forever in 2012

  1. Deactivating Facebook profile.

I didn’t even know that it was possible. I lived in social networking world all my life, first orkut then facebook. Believe me life feels much lighter without newsfeed. My life is fb bug free forever.

2.  Two coffees+ two meals/ day

I eat twice a day and that’s enough for me. I don’t like the “full” feeling anymore. I even prefer tea over coffee at times. I am a coffee lover but, somehow tea is more refreshing these days.

3.  I am not an atheist

I believe in a power beyond us and I like quiet temples and churches. I feel more connected to myself after a good walk around the temple (maybe I am growing up :P). I feel the same when I am in a beach but, beach visits can’t be quiet with friends.


On 2013 (from what I know), I will have to make a lot of important decisions..  It is going to be a year of surprises. Well, it’s a crime not to have at least one resolution for 2013 since I messed up 2012 beyond repair. So here I go, “I will set my priorities straight this year. “

Wishing you all an amazing New Year eve and an eventful 2013, I am signing off for the day…


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