My lonely journey!

A year back all I wished to do after btech(college) was travel, and now I am travelling. I am in one of the dream vacation destinations the amazing USA.

My first international flight, so far my longest journey and definitely the loneliest one. Was I excited or scared? I really didn’t feel a thing! That numb feeling you have when you do something exciting with out any real excitement ;)! Did my wish come true? I am not yet sure.

First glimpse of the America made me think ‘I can touch anything here and not be scared of getting my hands dirty’. (Well, that thought is true in many sense I guess.) I entered a bus which I thought was a room at Dulles International, then a waiting area with only one in 20 seats occupied. ‘Where did everyone go, this place is empty. May be, this is how this place is”. My connection flight to Charlotte, North Carolina was delayed and I had 4 hours to kill. I roamed around, watched Americans buried inside various gadgets. Watched some families welcome their extended family with hugs and tears in their eyes(the typical airport scenes). Felt awkward whenever I had to talk, not because of my broken English, because of the tone I had, that rude tone. “How often do they actually use the word please and sorry out here” pretty much in every sentence!

Doha landing







I felt free. My head was confused if I was dreaming. Parents back home must have felt the home noise free.Β The most exciting part was meeting my sister. I couldn’t believe she was actually pregnant. Seeing over skype and meeting the real pregnant sister is definitely different. I was laughing(in a good way) the whole time and inside I was thinking “so you are actually pregnant and was not kidding” ;)!

For now I am relaxing, sipping tea and happy. The sky is all blue, beautiful.

Living the moment.



5 thoughts on “My lonely journey!

  1. “I can touch anything here and not be scared of getting my hands dirty” In US for almost two decades & I can say that’s an overstatement! πŸ™‚ May be you’ve been laying your lands on only good stuff!! People carry pocket sanitizer & you’ll see places with one attached on the wall πŸ™‚

    1. Us for almost two decades? thats why you feel it like an overstatement ;)! Just compare it with Indian hospitals, restaurants, airports well pretty much any place πŸ˜‰ For someone who has been in India and only in India, USA is very clean πŸ˜€

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