New face madness

For everyone back home :)! . “My madathanams” . Being a new face gives you the freedom to do something really stupid and walk away without feeling awkward. So here you go my top 10 “awkward moments”.

1. Wearing ‘jeans’ on a bright sunny day /no jacket on a cold day / fully covered in beach.

I somehow end up wearing the wrong clothes always. I cannot understand how people dress at this place. Looks like they check climate everyday before getting out of the house. Guess what weather forecast is actually reliable here.

2. Orders coffee and tea in restaurant expecting kapi and chaya

You go to that counter and orders with style “one hot coffee”, as if its saravana bhavan. That polite guy behind the counter will ask “tall?”, without even listening you will say “yes”. He will tell you “Two Thirty five”. While handing over those warm green dollars you calculate in your head “150rs?” He will give you a ‘mega’ cup and expecting that “hollywood coffee” you will take the first sip.

Then the moment of truth. You want to spit :P.

3. Trying everything in farmers market including ‘pork’

Farmers market is just the liveliest place! They slice up fruits and insist you to try. So I went around and started trying peaches, plum, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, nectarine. I was enjoying myself and then I noticed a counter where they were selling something like chips. Acting cool infront of my sister I tried those ‘chips’ and the guy behind the counter warned me “hey, that’s pork”. It seriously tasted like chips and looked like one. I believe he was bluffing. (I am a veggie, don’t ask why!)

4. Asks for a tissue paper instead of napkin.

There are like a hundred varieties of tissue paper in this world. Did you know? Honestly I didn’t.

5. Subconsciously multiplies every price tag to 60.. (Dollar to rupee conversion)

Well a very bad habit. “Liked it? Get it quick, trick your brain”. ๐Ÿ˜›

6. Always checks the stuff available in clearance sale

Shopping? How exciting? Well not really.ย Point 6 is the reason behind this one. I somehow end up finding myself in the clearance section. “Some day I will travel with euros, just wait till then”.

7. Carries a dslr camera everywhere

Click! Well for memories. “Yea, its bulky” ” Yup, I have a camera on phone” But no, I am going to carry that dslr everywhere even if I only use auto mode.

8. Can’t really handle cents

It doesn’t matter how many coins I have. I am just going to pay using those green notes. I can’t understand these coins. They make me feel like a illiterate.

9. Stares back blank when someone asks “how are you doing?”

“Oops. Asking me?” That’s what that stare means. I am going to practice “good, how was your day?” from now on ;)!

10. I miss fan and mosquitoes the most about home

I don’t miss home, not even a bit. But, I miss that soothing sound of FAN and those humming mosquitoes. You sit on a bench in park in front of a fountain expecting a mosquitoes and ‘nothing’. You enter a room and your hand moves towards that fan’s switch. But there is no fan.

This trip is exciting people! wohoo!


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