Different perspective.

Those silly differences between the two sides of the world.

1. Switches are ON when they are up and OFF when they are down. 

Why? I don’t know. 

2. They still use measurements like gallons, pounds.

I thought they were members of International standard organisation.! Well being a member doesn’t force them to follow the standards I guess.

3. They don’t understand the word ‘veggie’. They ask if its okay to add meat to your vegetarian salad! 

4. ‘Cheaper by dozen’ is a life style which makes us buy more and waste more.

Is there a way for people to avoid wasting stuff by buying less? Nope.

5. People drink ‘energy drink/ soft drinks’ instead of water. 

Drinking water feels like an old fashioned thing to do.

6. They walk for the purpose of burning calories mostly. That is ‘walking for walking’.

In other parts people actually walk to get to places you know. Vacant footpaths astonish me. I have no idea how poor people actually live in this world. I guess they also have car even if they don’t have money for the next meal.

7. It takes time to get used to ’empty’ shops, parking lots, waiting rooms, movie theaters. 

Quality of life is simply better here. At times I feel like quality and quantity have the same meaning here. ( I know I am just being jealous 😉 . This shop can accommodate 50 people so we must have at least 60 parking slots? 😛 )

( No hard feeling :)! I love the American life style. I am just amazed by how developed ‘developed countries’ are ) 

#lifeisgood ~!




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