Have you seen the movie ‘In America’? In that movie the girl explains how she had to go under a river to enter Manhattan. Before entering the ‘hustly bustly’ part of Newyork which never sleeps you are given the pleasure of silence in those long tunnels. The first glimpse itself will give you a neck ache ;).  

‘The concrete jungle’, ‘the big apple’, ‘the empire state’ well Newyork goes by a lot of names. You get on that yellow dusty Newyork Cab from airport and see an ‘Indian cabbie’ who is more American than Indian. The deeper you go into the Manhattan the busier it feels.

My hotel was near the Times square. Is there a better place to be in Manhattan? I doubt. People rushing in and out of stores, honking of cars, window facing window. Everything they show in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” exist. You cant get bored walking in Manhattan. Something interesting is happening in every street.  

Real New Yorkers stand out in the crowd. Their style, their pace, their attitude even the way the smile seemed different. Maybe, I was imagining. There is that serious professional glow in their face :P. Its easy to get into those crowd and disappear in their life for some time.

The metro beneath, the road inbetween and the skyscrapers above that’s Manhattan for me. 

I don’t know if I will walk on those streets ever again but, I know how it feels. All of a sudden I can imagine every book I read a little better.  





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