The Empire

One of the world’s tallest buildings! I had no real idea of what I was about to experience when I stood under that majestic building. It just looked like its neighboring buildings. ‘All the buildings are tall here so what is the big deal’ was my feeling until I reached the top. Its not often that we get to stand on the 86th floor!


Your ears feel the difference in altitude while you stand on that lift which takes you to the 80th floor. That is the moment when you realise this is not just another building. This majestic building was completed when my grandma was 10 years old!  To be precise in 1931.

“How did they do that?How!”.

“Maybe they took a long time to build it”.

“Hell no! they finished it in 1 year 45 daysss!”

“This must be a joke”

Well, there it stands shouting to the world “yea! I am the Empire State”. Yes indeed.

On the observation deck, we get confused whether we are in a flight or actually on the ground! Its all beauty, every side, every moment.

I found a spot in the crowd from where I could get the right view of sunset and the golden moment of Manhattan when the lights are switched on. I stood there still for more than an hour. I didn’t want to lose the spot or miss that right moment.

I can’t really express what I felt. I was on top of the world ‘literally’! The scene before and after sunset is so different but, it is nothing when compared to that precise 15 minutes when sun rays hit ever window in Manhattan. “Sunset moment”. The Hudson river, Brooklyn bridge and somewhere far away a 9/11 memorial everything is bright in that golden moment.







Somewhere in the crowd someone raised a ring and a girl shook her head making it all more beautiful. Friends cheered, crowd clapped.. it was all one amazing experience. Someday I want to visit this place again to see the sunset one more time.

A picture says a thousand words. But, these pictures says nothing. Nothing compared to the moment I experienced.


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