In short

Last year was quite an exciting year of my life. I grew up in a way I didn’t expect. Well I don’t even know if that sentence makes any sense.

I finished my degree in may 2013, I was travelling, reading, watching sitcoms and doing random stuff(like learning to swim) till January and in January 2014 my life took a turn. Some people left my life, college became a memory, things I thought mattered didn’t matter much, in short I was jobless and miserable.

By the end of January I had a call letter in hand from a good software company, which I eventually joined and now I am far away, heading farther away from the place I called home for 22 long years.

I got a small tattoo representing freedom on my wrist from the first salary I earned. I learned to enjoy loneliness and live life without expecting from others. I walked alone as much as I could, read whenever I found peace, used phone/laptop only when I had to.

I met some likely minds with whom I spent most of the evenings (at times till 2am). We walked through the campus enjoying the newly found freedom. I cycled around the campus, walked with a huge green umbrella on rainy days. I stayed in class from 8 am to 10 pm at times, I had nothing else to do other than working.

I shared room with a girl from the other side of the country, the kind with whom I had nothing in common. We both were away from ‘home’ for the first time and never really missed home in our cosy room. We talked about the day, we didn’t judge each other, we didn’t fight for the remote of the television, and we lived separate peaceful lives together.

I travelled at least once a month, crossing the bandipur forest. I was fortunate to see a herd of elephants cross the road, which was best moment I have shared with nature. I used to wake up in the bus and find myself in the middle of a forest or in the middle of a highway or in the middle of a small unknown town. I enjoyed every tiring journey to the fullest, even if most of it made me sick.

I enjoyed every weekend I could spare with my little niece, who is now a toddler with 4 new teeth. I had no idea how sweet a baby could be until I met her. She has got big black eyes and a very bright smile. I learned not to carry her around all the time, since she enjoyed crawling around more than being carried around ;).

In short this is all I did last year and I am back :)!


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