Little Fingers

Well, it has become a tradition now. Writing a post a year 😉 !

I haven’t been writing much in the last two years since my life is exactly same as the life of the one who lives next door. X,Y,Z in the IT world, living in some random PG, where some Andra aunty cooks twice a day. Weekends are about visiting family, old friends in the nearby cities. While weekdays are about waking up before the flask in which tea is served goes empty. With few seniors to pamper and spoil, learning to swim in the IT world was not really hard. Enough of this XYZ catch up, let me tell you why I logged in now!

I took a week off from office and travelled to hot Chennai to chill out. Everyday morning without fail, little fingers of my niece woke me up. She would say “wake  up, wake up”. Little fingers would try to pull my bedsheet away and if the fingers couldn’t succeed little tooth would give me a bite. She goes to play school where they sit around a table and drink milk or play spot the color game.

Once the little fingers go to school, I have the whole house for myself and I go around my sister’s well organized kitchen wondering, how to feed myself. I can count the number of times I have cooked in my life with one hand. I get this weird chemistry lab feeling whenever I go near the spice jars in kitchen. That being said I don’t have a kitchen in the place I live, well I have a small room which was supposed to be kitchen, and we girls use that space to lock up the shoes and hair oil.

Day one, chopped onions and tomatoes. Tossed them to a pan and made something out of them, it tasted fine. It was good enough for me to have it and I dared to leave a bite for my sister to taste.

Day two was better, I googled egg burji recipe, followed every step with devotion and ta-da, I had a good plate of egg burji on plate which tasted so good that I didn’t want to leave behind anything for the critic.

Day three, the real game day. My sister had to leave little fingers with me and go. I being the aunt was expected to know the basics of Montessori, cooking. I got nervous, washed the rice and kept it on rice cooker. I was confident that rice would turn out fine, as I had done the same earlier this week. Little fingers love vegetables, I had to prepare something from my 3 days experience. I switched on Rhymes channel on TV and googled on how to make beetroot fry. After 20-30 mins of chemistry lab exam, I finally had something on the bowl for the little fingers.

I asked little fingers ‘nanna iruka?’, she replied ‘nanna iruku’. Even if I know that she says ‘nanna iruku’ for any vegetable, I was content. My self-appraisal rating is 4.5/5.0 and I am happy. 🙂


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