Signs of growing up..


  1. “Change” is the only permanent thing. I left the place which I called home, 2 years back. From that moment to this, there has been many life changing moments which I simply accepted as random events.
    I know that the girl in me wouldn’t have took it that lightly. The girl, would have acknowledged it as a life changing moment, took some snapshots in mind to remember it in future. Probably would have wrote a journal or blogpost too.
  2. Friends ~ there are many kinds
    ->     There are very old friends who has been there since school pinafore days. We get busy, we catch up when time permits, we share life events, we put comments in each other’s facebook status. Well, that’s pretty much it, the ‘well wisher’ friends.
    ->     Another kind is ‘call at 2am’ friends. They wouldn’t know if I have a bad day. But, they would know if I feel bad. I can wake them up at 2 am in the morning and say “are you sleeping?”
    ->     And yes the famous ‘hi-bye’ friends. We hangout, we party, we go for movies together, we talk nonsense and the stories about the ex,crush. Once the party ends, its pretty much like we didn’t even meet them.
    All 3 kinds are equally important I must say. Just that, the girl in me used to think that only the ‘call at 2am’ friends are important. On a bad day, ‘hi-bye’ could be the saviour.
  3. There is always a choice. The girl, used to think grown ups doesn’t have choice. Grown ups has to work from 9 to 9, miss some very important events, lose touch with some very important people they don’t have a choice is how it sounds. But, now I know there is always a choice. You can choose not to grow up or not to own responsibilities. You can literally pick-up the list and tick on the names of people from the past whom you want to be there in future.
  4. Another generation will ask you to change channel when you listen to ‘A R Rahman’ songs from 2000’s. They will claim that the songs are too old for them and you will realise they are right!
  5. You can’t plan anything in life. The kind of education we had gives an impression that,  in five years you go to upper primary,then high school, then college so on. In reality, there is no order or plan. In five years, you may be living in an alien city, doing a job you didn’t even know which existed.

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