The idea of quitting first job

The idea of quitting your first job without a real back-up

Okay, the title says it all. I’m thinking of quitting my ‘not-so-bad’ job, which pays enough too!

On any topic the thinking part happens from two perspectives, the positive mind and the negative one, the optimist and the pessimist. Let’s call the optimist Oprah and pessimist Pisa 😉

Oprah: you never really enjoyed the work, may be this will lead you to what is actually meant for you.

Pisa: But, what if this leads nowhere,. What if the next pay-cheque is the last one?

Oprah: Chill, don’t exaggerate; I’m in a better state than where I was. I am progressing, that’s all that matters.

Pisa: Confidence is good but, the above thought is definitely over-confidence. Why quit the hard earned job for personal life, career matters and you know that too.

Oprah: Career matters, it will start again afresh. I can find the same job anytime but, what if there is a better one out there for me, which will comprehend the personal life.

To add oil on fire, Pisa will remind you of the dark days after college when you had to attend interviews every other week. Oprah will say, “With no experience you joined one of the finest firms in India.”

On and on, this goes. Swinging back and forth. Sometimes the optimist wins and sometimes the pessimist, it’s tiring to think so much. And people say ‘do what you want to do’. Well wish I knew what I wanted. 😛

I never knew and I never will know and I’m okay not knowing.

Goes on and on…

So I decided to stop listening to either of them and start going to gym.

Then bam, I fell and sprained by feet. Doctor said “Don’t strain your foot until it is completely healed”.

Now I am planning to read, let me see how oprah/pisa is going to stop me from doing that. Yea!


6 thoughts on “The idea of quitting first job

  1. Hi!! Are you out or still on? I quit twice without real backup. At the max, we borrow some money till we get on to another. That’s a painful situation to be in though. But, quitting without any big reason…. I am thinking… Would I do it?

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