Soon to be bride

Which girl would have not dreamt of ‘the day’ of her life? The day when she will get to dress up like the princess, the last scene which will say ‘And they lived happily ever after’.

Below is the list of things I wish I knew before becoming the ‘soon to be bride’. I honestly didn’t enjoy most of my wedding. All I can remember is chaos, my close set of friends and family were standing beside to support throughout the rituals and ceremonies. It was a 3 day wedding, I didn’t expect it to be any easier.

  1. Writing check-list and following one.

I have never wrote a real check-list before. In the past few months all I have been doing is ticking the check-list

  1. Difference between smoothening/relaxation/ straightening/ironing of hair
  2. Wearing good hair accessories

You don’t want to use that old hair band or that hair pin which will break your hair. If your hair is good, you look good. Take some time, cover it up when you cross that dusty road, avoid that bike ride, let the hair shine.

  1. Growing nails big enough to do nail art (oh yea! My nail breaks fast and grows slow)
  2. Knowing the color which doesn’t suit you (I had to discover that on the day of shopping! Yellow doesn’t suit me.)
  3. Managing work, walk and talk.

So this is going to be critical, you are going to be working less for few weeks as you are thinking about how you should be wearing kajal on the wedding eve. It’s okay, don’t feel bad, learn to enjoy the distraction.

Walk more as you will be eating out every weekend. You can’t book ola or uber for a distance half km. After going to that shop which is half km away, you will realize that you should have walked in the opposite direction. Breath, drink some water and walk back.

Talk, talk, talk. Endless discussions, pointless conversations. Juggle around, disconnect that office bridge call to say ‘whatsup’ to your sweet heart!  Well, that’s the only good part of the wedding ‘the groom’.

  1. Learn to sleep on time, when you finally like the dream you are dreaming with your eyes open
  2. Go easy on that steps as you don’t want a broken toe (I didn’t have a nail for my engagement)
  3. Build a team, who will be the backbone for the wedding

Weddings are big affairs, weddings with 1000 people on guest lists are huge. You are going to stand and smile on 1000 people, you are going to be a bridezilla. Call your favorite cousins and friends, let them know that you are stressed out and you are going to be worse for the wedding. 😉

  1. Learn to pack and tag everything you need.

It helps, when you have to change 8 sarees in 3 days with half the cousins of groom watching. Oh yea! Its tradition too.

It will all be worth at the end, you will have some funny moments and funnier ones when you get to see the wedding pictures and videos.





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