Want to see real London, travel in underground trains during peak hours!

First few months, when I was hunting for work, attending interviews, I found tube journeys very adventurous. I tried to stand on the correct side of the escalator. I tried to match my pace to fast commuters, I tried not to rush, I tried not to stand on the way. Then, I simply stopped trying. People rush, people run, people push  and some doesn’t even say sorry after stamping you. Well, its all part of the city culture. You need to experience it and get over it.

Tube journeys are part of the Londoners life, you will see people running on their high heels, people dressed up in real suite (rare for someone who is from India), people with pink hair, people with dogs on their lap. You will see all sort.  All of these people look absolutely serious in their torn jeans, jackets. I felt that the people here are so stiff that they will break if you crack a joke. But, then I started working in a place where people attend meetings eating popcorn. They discuss finance wearing torn jeans and ripped tshirt. They scribble on the walls as part of work. They are so cool that they literally conduct meetings on couches and not conference rooms. Drifting away to a different story here.. London surprises you, wherever you go.

Tube journeys became part of my life once I started working, I understood that its okay to stand on the way once in a while. People read a lot in this city and I found myself charging the kindle . Oyster out- swipe- oyster in- kindle out- read- read-read-kindle in- oyster out- swipe. A month of this and now I can say aloud that I ‘live’ in London. Oops! I don’t have any pictures.


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