When you move to a different country, you will realize that the only friend you have is Engalish. British so kindly left behind their Language in our country and that’s all we could rely on when we are in their country. It doesn’t matter how many English movies you have watched, how many sitcom characters lives in your head, the language they left behind is never going to give you any confidence in their country.
I have never felt hesitant to talk or write in Engalish when I lived in India, because I learned Engalish, people speak Engalish back home and I am good in Engalish not English!

To realize this I had to live in English land, eat Croissants for breakfast and say the word ‘please, thank you, sorry’ a million times. Apparently, in English its impolite not to say thank you, if someone holds the door open for you. In Engalish, we don’t care. If you don’t hold the door open, I will open it myself, what’s the big deal! If you are lucky and if I have time, I will nod and smile if you hold the door for me.

People who speak Engalish doesn’t say ‘Howudoing’ when they walk past someone. They say ‘How are you?’ that too only if you smile at them. Else they will act like they don’t care, which is because none of us do really care. There is a compelling set of behavioral rules which comes with the language English. Like, saying excuse me after you sneeze or asking the god to bless you since you have cold.

The behavioral rules are mandatory and not optional. It is like learning not to smile if someone looks at you, in India we smile! Next time remember how Prof. Mcgonall keeps her lip in Harry Potter movie. That’s English. If you smile you are Engalish.

After a long day in office, I call my niece, who is half asleep in India. She will pick the phone and say ‘Who is this?’. In perfect English not Engalish because she watches Peppa. I’m sure she is going to lose the accent once she starts school because they will teach her Engalish and not English.

In short, I am sick of trying to speak English.


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