One of the things which I never cared to notice back home is Colors!. There were always many colors around. Each room had a different color on the wall in home, each house had a different color in street. My sister made sure that her room was Pink. I stuck to neutral green color, since I always liked blue. Blue was somehow tagged as the color of boys by then.  Pink girls paranoia started, although that is something we are always discussing about.  (I am sure kids will get over it soooon!)

Here in London, when you walk around the people, who dress themselves in dull colors, you miss all the mighty blues, reds, yellows, pinks, greens in the world. I can’t remember the last time I saw a shade of violet. The spring flowers reminded me, how much I have been missing the mighty colors of the world.

I stood up, just to see the shades of colors, people are wearing right now in office. I cant spot any shade of red. All I see is grey, navy blue, dark green, black, white. I am sure that there are clothes of all shades in stores, maybe the black is the preferred one in general.

Sky is turning blue, flowers are blooming, sun raises before 5 am, sets after 9pm, days are getting longer. It feels so great to get out of work and feel like you are leaving at 2pm. No wonder people love summer here. With summer around the corner, hopefully I will get to see bright colors.

PS : Intended to post this sooooner, better late than never.



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