Smells Lovely!

When you become an immigrant, you will see a challenge in doing almost any normal thing.

Say for example, you prepared this delicious cauliflower masala curry. Mind it, that you prepared it after a long day in office and there is a lot of effort on that bowl of curry. You definitely don’t want to waste it. You pack it for lunch next day.

Like always, you re-heat the next day in office and BAM. The kitchen smells Indian. Not too evident for my nose, but very evident for the others. They complement your food ‘That smells lovely’. The only problem is you hear the word smells, people try to say the worst in the best way possible.

You are confused whether it is a compliment or not! Well not that it matters, you are eating it anyways. But, you are reminded of the long lunch breaks in the corner of big food court, where you felt like yourself.

People project the best side of living an on-site life. Posing infront of London Bridge, visiting Scotland for long weekends, eating fish and chips with colleagues. Wondering if the people who crave for on-site is given the actual picture of it. You are agreeing to live a life of 2nd grade citizen on the name of visa, you would be complimented and paid thrice for the work professionally. But, you are going to ask a million awkward questions to random colleagues.

You are going to spread marmite yeast on your bread, you are going to open the dishwasher while it is running, you are going to be bad on small talks, you are going to end up ordering something you haven’t heard of for force-full office lunches. You are going to end up holding fork on your right hand trying to eat it.

You are learning something new everyday, it is like learning to ride a cycle. It takes time to find the balance and I am in the phase of trying hard to keep my feet on pedal. All this said, I do embrace the new life I have, it is salty sweet. You can’t help but laugh at all the funny things you do.




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