Bank Side Walks

One of the many things I enjoy doing in London is going for walks on river side.

A long walk from Westminster to Tower bridge. Going under some bridge, going on top of the other, watching the crowd walk past, smiling at the kids playing with bubbles, stopping to watch the street performance. The picture is so perfect that you will get addicted to it.


Its a rewarding 45 mins. You will get to see St. pauls, Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre, Southwark Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. The best part is  you will get to see the atmosphere changing with the climate. The shops, activity change with the weather. Be it summer holidays or winter, the place is filled with so many things to do.

If you are the kind who doesn’t enjoy the crowd, wants some peace with Thames, I can tell you a secret location where you can go to in London. On board thamesclippers( to Greenland pier. (All you need is the oyster card).  Walk along thames toward Nelson Dock, with the view of canary wharf.

The view is so beautiful that, you will wonder how it could be so deserted. It is ideal when the water level is low in thames, you will be able to get down on the bank and collect some shells.


To understand the geography of London, it is important to get on the ferry.  Canary wharf, Isle of Dogs have thames on all three sides, how can you believe it unless you see it?


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