A thought on work

Who likes to work? Well, I don’t think anyone hates to work. Everyone likes to be occupied, to have a goal, to have a place to go to, to learn interesting things. I mean, if the world hates to work, then we would probably be living in forest today. People do like to work there is no denial on that.

Why do I hear a lot of people complaining about work? I am one of those person who complain loud about work every now and then. But, that doesn’t really mean that I would quit and sit at home doing nothing if someone pays me. I would still want to do ‘something’. If we all would be happy with just money then, I am sure gambling would have been a bigger business in the world that what it is today. So I guess, people like to crib about something and work is a good thing to crib about, as it is a ‘process’ that you are blaming and not a person.  You can do that without any guilt if it satisfies and lets you become more positive.

Who hates 9-5 job? During my college years, I have heard people go on and on about how they don’t want to be the person who will work 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week. Well, the world has changed, you can work in any timezone you want, go for it. Just that the probability of you liking 9-5 is more as, culture of 9-5 job is created due to convenience of it. How can anyone hate convenience now! Anyways, I worked in odd shifts and I tell you there are people out there looking for that person who doesn’t want to do 9-5 jobs, the chances are that you will get paid more for hating 9-5 jobs.

Just shedding some lights to myself on why I am doing, what I am doing! So I like to work, I am allowed to crib about it, I like to come to office at 9 and leave by 5 and it’s all good.




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