I sometimes feel that, I always knew I would live in London. It’s a bit weird when I say it this way. But, believe it or not, there were a lot of signs. I also feel that, I will live in Newyork between :D! Maybe, I just think a lot about big cities.

During the first week in London, I was astonished to see so many Indians, I could hear people talking in Tamil in Tube, I could see an Indian food take away on every other street. This also meant that India is a topic of discussion, Indian food, the culture, the population, the pollution, even the trending indian news on the ‘gurus’.

I love the city’s vibe. There are a lot of small things which make you appreciate the city like the no other. For example, if I look around in my office, in a group of 10 people, I can see an indian, a Pakistani or bengladeshi, a European, a carribean, a Brit or American (I still don’t get who is who from accent). Each of them speak a different dialect of English and gets the work done.

This also means that you get all vegetables across the world in the nearest supermarket. Tesco sells Casava and Garam masala. You need not go to that Asian shop located in some corner of the city unless you want to buy something very specific like ‘dosa batter’. 😀 Yes, I get dosa batter from shop and its not really expensive.

Other than the global factor, London is filled with information. You will end up discussing about World war II or Churchill for lunch as London is the hero and villain in history. There is always some new perspective to understand better. There are a lot of wonderful museums, me being the non-curious person is not the right person to talk about museums.

I wouldn’t call this city very safe as my husband’s mobile was snatched during peak hours while standing in a crowded bus stop. The tube(underground train) can be a bit frustrating if you are solely dependent on it. My commute time is very less and I have been lucky so far.  Cost of living is obviously very high, don’t expect to save half of the salary in London. If money is very important, I wouldn’t choose London as a place to live for more than a year. But, I choose London!




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