Moving out is always hard and this is the first house from which im moving away(never rented a house before). I know that I wouldn’t come back to this place and that is very sad.

Its a little house, with everything I need and ever wanted. I remember how I felt when I walked in inside this house, I was mesmerised and it looked like a luxury hotel to me. Considering that I moved from a PG in Bangalore to this house, it sounds totally reasonable.

The house is so compact that I can hear when my husband thinks something and thats the best part of it. Now moving to a bigger place with an awesome view is something I have been looking forward to yet, this is a place I will always miss.

I will always cherish the little fights and the big laughs we had under this roof. Most of it had been the first of the kind. The first ‘little fight’ I had with my husband is because of one of the switches in this house ;)!  My first kitchen, the place where I burnt curries for the first time. We bought our first TV here. ~Well the list goes on and on of firsts.

And as irony as it sounds the building is named ‘Navigation house’, which would mean that I was never supposed to live a long time here, its just a cosy, warm space en-route.


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