My office keeps many varieties of fruits in kitchen to promote employee to snack healthy. I like most fruits and it requires zero prep, that makes it my grab n go breakfast.

Today they had kept lychee, I couldn’t remember how to open one. I watched other people peel the skin delicately. I did the same and was fascinated by the texture inside.

When I tasted it, I was transported instantly to my childhood. I tasted lychee for the first time when I was 11 years old. It was not a fruit which was available in South India. I tasted it during a trip to Jemshedpur. My family had went to the steel City for my cousin’s wedding.

The memory was so clear and I could feel myself standing in the Jemshedpur market as I tasted the lychee in London city. Some times memories work in a marvellous way. I remember eating lychee in train, all the way from Jemshedpur to Chennai. I assume that I have never tasted lychee since then and I could recollect the memory of it’s taste just like I can recollect some memories when I hear a song.

Simpler times when the family went by train for 35+ hours. I could remember by sister doing some craft sitting on upper side berth, my grandma sitting in the lower side berth. I sat in upper berth. We had the whole coupe for ourselves as my aunt’s family also traveled with us. This was during the time when people didn’t feel the need to click a picture of everything they did.

What a charming, weird thing the random memories are. Out of nowhere it pops up and disappears again. Some brings so much sweetness like the lychee!

With the memory being advertised and forced by multiple apps, which keeps reminding what we did the same day a year back we are missing the brain’s auto triggers I feel. Soon memory is going to be something you can recollect only from a device and not from a fruit. Ah well, its all well, wonders of time. App or fruit the feeling is still the same!


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