careless clicks

Few clicks from God’s Own Country. I am not into photography yet, I click without care. Still pictures are worth a thousand words so here you go. Let me know your thoughts on it.

Lady Lamp



Yellow and Green means beauty.

Day is dedicated for colors. Chinese water balls delighted me for days. Their texture and vibrant colors just make me love them more.

Monsoon is the best season and how can I resist my fingers from not clicking a picture of leaf holding the droplets. Its one among the most beautiful things I love to see in this world.

it doesn't matter how long it will stay or how soon it will drip!

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  1. WoW!! you showed great care! Keep it up.

  2. It seems obvious to me that you have the soul of a poet and the eye of an artist.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words. I never really thought about myself as an artist maybe, I should!

      • In my opinion you are part of the hope of the world. We who have lived our lives into the final years, are eager to find youth like you to light the future. I am very lucky to find hope for the future in you and others like you.

      • Love your words. I have totally become your admirer over the last few days! Thank you, you have brightened up my day.

  3. PS: I did not know about Chinese water balls ! they look great. Tell me what they are, how they are made, etc.

    • Those are tiny granules which swell up once you put in water. Some call them liquid marbles. They have this unique, soft texture and looks great in all sorts of colors. It is actually banned in India now, since it is not eco-friendly.

      • Very interesting thank you! I must find some for my 9 year old grand daughter… but her mom is very ecologically oriented, so is my son, I’ll have to check and see if they would let her have the water balls at least once. They must be fun… I assume that eventually they break and that is when you have the ecological “disaster”.
        PS: you ate the wrong type of chicken recipe !! if I made it for you I bet you’ d feel differently.
        One time maybe I will tell you about when I was a small child and chickens were my friends….

      • The liquid crystals drains out and eventually become granules again. They get sticky once they lose water. Get rid of it as soon as they start to shrink.

        Do share the story, I would love to read about your childhood.

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